Town of Clarkstown

Animal Care & Control

Animal Care & Control

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) addresses all community concerns and questions involving domestic animals and wildlife and offers advice and referrals to proper agencies and authorities. The ACO assists residents with compliance to local town and state laws involving domestic animals.

Contact Animal Care & Control: (845) 639-5888


The ACO manages nuisance complaints involving deer, bears, coyotes and other wildlife. She also coordinates the posting of “Turtle Crossing Signs” during the annual snapping turtle migration on Western Highway in West Nyack.

The ACO also works with the community in conjunction with the Town Clerk to assure the proper licensing of dogs. The Animal Control Officer works closely with the Rockland County Health Department for both dog bite and feral cat colony complaints and assists in organizing free rabies clinics for your pets. The ACO is always educating the community and avoiding common pitfalls in attracting wild animals to private properties. The ACO is always available to speak with community organizations.

The removal of dead animals in the right of way is handled by the Clarkstown Highway Department at 623-7500.