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Town of Clarkstown

Accident Reports

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports

The Clarkstown Police Department uses CrashDocs, a quick and convenient way to access accident reports. There is no need to drive to the police department, find parking and stand in line to request a copy of your accident report. Save time and order from a secure website. You can quickly access and download a copy of the report without leaving your home or office. The cost for each report is $10.

To order your accident report, click here or on the CrashDocs logo above to go to their website. If you have additional questions, see our FAQ section below.

Accident reports are available from January 1, 2016 to the present.
If you cannot locate the accident report you are looking for via the online system, contact CrashDocs Support at:

If CrashDocs Support tells you the report isn’t available online,
you can call our Records Department at 845-639-5850 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

NOTE: Our Records Department cannot provide support for the website

If you order an accident report online, there is a $10 charge, which includes a surcharge from LexisNexis. If you choose to pick up an accident report at police headquarters, the cost is $0.25 per page. The typical accident report is 4 pages and costs $1.00.

In most cases, accident reports are available within a few days of the accident (not including weekends). However, there are various factors that can delay availability such as: if the accident is a hit & run, if one or more of the involved parties was arrested at the accident or other circumstances require additional investigation by the officer.

If you are in an accident, you are required by the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law to stop and exchange information with the involved drivers. If the accident caused property damage only, then exchange information about your driver license, insurance, and registration with the involved drivers. If a parked vehicle or other property is damaged, or if a domestic animal is injured, you must locate the owner or contact the police.

If the property damage to any person is $1,001 or more, all the involved drivers are required by the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law to file a Report of Motor Vehicle Accident (MV-104). File form MV-104 with the DMV no more than 10 days after the accident. The DMV can suspend your driver license if you fail to report an accident.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the MV-104 from the NYS DMV website

If a person is injured or killed, you are required by the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law to immediately notify the police.
All the involved drivers and the police must file an accident report with the DMV. It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident that causes personal injury or death.
The accident appears on the records of all the involved drivers. An accident listed on your driver record does not indicate that you were at fault.