Town of Clarkstown

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The Clarkstown Police Department Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for managing and mitigating incidents of natural and man made emergencies that affect the Town, endanger its citizens, and threaten its assets.

This unit implements procedures to pre-plan responses and assists with coordination of rescue and recovery efforts between law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, other government agencies, utility providers, and public and private entities.

The OEM prepares and implements the Town’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. The office is also responsible for the management of the Town’s Emergency Operation Center, ensuring that stakeholders and department heads have readily accessible information in real time to assist their decision making process.  

This unit also maintains and operates the Town’s “Ready Clarkstown” emergency notification system, a computer based reverse 911 system that allows the Town to notify thousands of residents of emergencies, road closures, etc., via telephone, computer, text message, or email.