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Town of Clarkstown

Building FAQs

The Town of Clarkstown does not require fence permits. However the erection of fences and walls are regulated by Section 290-21B(5) of the Town of Clarkstown Zoning Ordinance.



  1. Solid fences and walls, either individually or together, cannot exceed four (4 1/2) feet in height, along any lot line.
  2. Fences cannot exceed six (6) feet in height along any lot line, unless they are setback 2/3 the height from the lot line.
  3. If any such fence has a finished or more attractive side, such side shall face in the direction as chosen by the property owner installing the fence.
  4. Fencing at street intersections must comply with Town Code Section 250-6.

The Town of Clarkstown requires a Building Permit for all fuel burning appliances, including stoves and fireplaces.

How do I Obtain a Building Permit?

  1. Complete and submit a building permit application to the Building Department.
  2. Submit two (2) complete sets of construction drawings for the installation along with the Manufacturers’ Brochures and approvals.

Note: Wood stoves and pre-fab fireplaces should have an underwriters laboratory approval or factory mutual approval.

All plans must be drawn to scale, fully dimensioned and be of sufficient clarity to reflect all work required to perform the installation including details of all floor and roof penetrations for the necessary metal flues and chimneys.

All installations must be done in accordance with the approved manufacturers’ requirements, and details for clearances, firestops, flue sizes etc..

Chimney – If connecting to an existing chimney, it must be inspected and cleaned before using. Inspection should include check of the inner liner for cracks and deterioration and that all unused openings are properly sealed. All pre-fabricated chimneys for use in residences must be approved and listed in accordance with U.L. 103 and meet the requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code Section 1163.9. Also, the Building Code requires a separate flue for wood stoves and fireplaces from the flue used for the central heating boiler or furnaces.

Proper installation of a wood stove or pre-fab fireplace unit is the foundation for safe operation. Read and follow the manufacturers installation and operating instructions. Obtaining the required Building Permit and inspections will also help to ensure that the work is done in the safest possible manner for your protection.