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Town of Clarkstown


Town Attorney

10 Maple Ave.
New City, NY 10956
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: (845) 639-2060

Welcome to the Town Attorney

The Town Attorney's office provides the following services to the Town of Clarkstown:
  • Advises the Town Board on legal issues.
  • Liaison to Boards and Commissions of the Town.
  • Defends the Town against lawsuits.
  • Prosecutes violators of the Town Code.
  • Defends the Town against Tax Certiorari lawsuits.
  • Prepares Local Laws.
  • Prepares resolutions concerning matters affecting the Town for Town Board meetings.
  • Reviews and prepares documents dealing with Special Permits.
  • Reviews and prepares documents dealing with Zone Changes.
  • Reviews and prepares documents dealing with Amendments to the Zoning Local Law.
  • Prepares Amendments to the Town Code.
  • Handles Amendments to Official Map.
  • Handles Abandonments of Town Roads.
  • Reviews personnel matters and personnel contracts.
  • Reviews bonding documents.
  • Prepares and advises regarding documents dealing with the sale or acquisition of personal and real property by the Town.
  • Prepares legal documents and advises with respect to Eminent Domain proceedings.
  • Reviews all documents and advises Boards, agencies and departments processing proposed documents on subdivision and site plans.
  • Prepares and advises on proposed inter-municipal agreements with various State, County, Town and Villages, and municipal agreement with non-government entities for the benefit of the Town.
  • Advises with respect to Special Districts such as: Water District, Sewer District, Sanitation District, and Ambulance District.
  • Prepares and reviews Adopt-a-Road program documents.