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The 225th Anniversary Committee

The 225th Anniversary Committee welcomes residents to celebrate the history and heritage of the Town of Clarkstown. Supervisor, George Hoehmann and the Town Board created this committee to facilitate the recognition of the anniversary and host a year of celebratory events. The 225th Anniversary Committee consists of local historians, history enthusiasts, residents and volunteers who have all worked together to coordinate a permanent display in Town Hall.

The display represents notable themes and people within Clarkstown’s history and consists of photographs, artifacts and documents that have been provided to us local residents and organizations.

The committee has also created clarkstownhistory.org, an interactive timeline of the history of Clarkstown that hosts a variety of noteworthy dates, photographs, videos and captions describing events that changed and shaped our Town.

The committee has not only asked local residents to help document the history of our Town, they have also reached out to the students of our community in an effort to illustrate and define both historic art movements encompassing the region and the lifestyles of children living in Clarkstown in 1791.

In addition, the committee is working with a high school student who has chosen Clarkstown’s anniversary for his Eagle Scout Award project and is helping with artifact collection and building permanent display cases for the exhibit.

In conjunction with the exhibit and timeline, a lecture series hosted by local historians brings together the major themes in which Clarkstown has progressed to become a wonderful place to live.