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Town of Clarkstown

Licenses & Permits

Licenses are issued Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm
No appointment necessary

  • Both parties must be over 18
  • Both applicants must come in person
  • Fee: $40.00 (cash, check, money order or Visa/Mastercard)
  • Each party must bring two forms of identification

Choose one of the following age related documents:

  • Birth Certificate (Original or Certified copy with raised seal) *** Original Foreign birth certificates must be accompanied by a certified & notarized translation into English***
  • Baptismal Record (Original or Certified copy with raised seal) *** Original Foreign birth certificates must be accompanied by a certified & notarized translation into English***
  • Naturalization Record (Original)

    AND Choose one of the following identity related documents:

  • Valid U.S. Driver’s License
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Employment Picture ID 

If either party was previously married a Judgment of Divorce or a death certificate must be provided (these must also be translated into English)

There is a 24 hour waiting period before license can be used and license is good for 60 days in New York State

  • If person died or was born in Clarkstown, certificate will be on file in this office.
  • Copies are available to next of kin at $10 per certified copy

Why are dogs licensed in New York State?

Aside from being a New York State Law that dogs are to be licensed, the following are some legitimate benefits to licensing:

  • Licensing provides each dog a unique identification number that is permanent for the life of the dog. This numbering system has been proven to be efficient and essential means of identifying a particular dog and the owner.
  • Licensing provides an avenue through which there is an initial and continuing protection against Rabies through the requirement of a current Rabies vaccination at the time of licensing and renewal. The copy of Rabies vaccination certificate, on file in a clerk’s office, may provide the only source of crucial information in a dog bite incident.

What dogs must be licensed

Every dog owned or harbored in New York State for more than 30 days with the following exceptions:

  • Dogs less than 4 months of age not running at large (off the owner’s property).
  • A non-resident brings their currently licensed dog into New York for less than 30 Days.
  • Dogs confined to the premises of any public or private animal hospital or research institution.
  • Dogs harbored by a federally licensed “class A dealer” possessing a New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Exemption Certificate.


  1. Multi- Year Licenses – for 1,2 or 3 years a rabies Vaccination is required for the length of the license.
  2. NY State AG & Markets no longer accepts a 2 year rabies vaccination. Per AG & Markets, 2 year rabies vaccinations are to be converted to a 3 year rabies vaccination.
  3. Rabies Vaccination Length will now only be 1 year, 3 years or exempt a rabies Exemption is valid for only one year from the date on the exemption Certificate. A dog too young for rabies vaccination is considered exempt.
  4. Fee is $5.00 for spayed/neutered dog, $13.00 for unsprayed / unneutered
  • Must be 16 (special requirements for younger ages)
  • Must have the required hunter education courses (not required for Fishing License)
  • Must produce a NYS drivers license or non-driver’s ID
  • Fees vary depending on type of license

    Hunting Fees
    Fishing Fees

For a permanent condition, you must submit a NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles application (available at our office) which has been filled out by your physician.

For temporary condition, you must submit a NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles application (available at our office) which has been filled out by your physician stating expected date of recovery. Temporary permits can be issued for up to 6 months.

Beginning January 14, 2008 a metered parking waiver is available to certain severely disabled drivers. This waiver allows the holder to park in a metered parking space without putting payment into the meter. The waiver will only be issued to people whose severe disability makes it extremely difficult to put payment into a parking meter. The eligibility and usage requirements were created by the addition of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1203-h.

Due to the high number of false alarms received by the Clarkstown Police Department, the Burglar Alarm Control Law was passed and is law. Please fill out the application and return it to the Clarkstown Police Department 20 Maple Avenue, New City, New York 10956 Attn: Alarm Enforcement Unit.

Please submit to: (Minimum 15 Days in Advance)
Town Clerk’s Office
10 Maple Avenue, New City, NY 10956

1. As a parking permit holder, you are not entitled to a reserved space. Permit holders must park in designated permit areas only.

2. At certain lots, the demand for permit parking may exceed the number of permit spaces available. At these locations, customers who submitted permit parking applications after the location is filled to capacity will be put on a waiting list in the order in which the applications were received, and notified when additional permits become available.

3. Permits must be visibly displayed on the rear-view mirror at all times while vehicle is parked on the premises.

4. Permit holders may register a second vehicle. Only one vehicle per permit may be parked at any given time in the facility.

5. Permit holder is responsible for transferring the permit between registered and authorized vehicles. Any transfer of permit between vehicles other than those registered is prohibited. Permit holder is responsible for keeping permit and vehicle information up to date.

6. Only one permit per household. Resident information must match vehicle registration.

7. Renewal permits should be acquired from the Clarkstown Town Clerk prior to the expiration date.

8. Lost or damaged permits may be replaced for a
fee. Call for information.

9. All individuals using the parking facility must observe all posted rules, regulations and signs of the facility and also the directions of the Town of Clarkstown. Violations of these rules will result in fines and possible loss of permit privileges, boot and/or tow of vehicle at the owner’s expense.

10. This agreement is a personal license to the holder of a permit to enable that person to park the designated vehicle at this facility at the holder’s sole risk. Only a license is granted hereby and no bailment is created with respect to any vehicle, including its content, on the premises of the facility. Vehicles should be locked at all times with personal items secured. Any security or safety issues should be directed to the Town of Clarkstown Police Department at (845) 639-5800.

11. The Town of Clarkstown is not responsible for any loss and damage by fire, theft, collision or any other cause to any vehicle, or part thereof or the contents of any vehicle.

12. These parking rules and regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Town of Clarkstown.

1. Fee – $22.00 includes search and uncertified copy or notification of no record.

2.Original records of births and marriages for the entire state begin with 1881, deaths begin with 1880, EXCEPT for records filed in Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers prior to 1914. Applications for these cities should be made directly to the local office. 

3. The New York State Department of Health does not have New York City records except for births occurring in Queens and Richmond counties for the years 1881 through 1897.

4. Please read the Administrative Rule Summary on the reverse side of this sheet which specifies year available for genealogical research.

Clarkstown has enacted a Landscaper’s Licensing Law. The purpose of the law is to ensure that landscapers remain committed to keeping our streets safe by keeping them clear of leaves, twigs and other types of yard waste.

This law requires all landscaping businesses to register with the Town for a licensing fee of $10 and to display registration stickers on all vehicles and trailers. Each additional sticker costs $1.00 for each vehicle.

Please view the Landscaper Licensing Law of the Town of Clarkstown HERE. 

Thank you for requesting an application for a License to Hawk, Peddle or Solicit in the Town of Clarkstown pursuant to Chapter 208 of the Town Code.

In an effort to facilitate your application process my staff has prepared this packet to guide you through the process. Please bear in mind that door-to-door selling without a license in Clarkstown is prohibited and is vigorously enforced by the Clarkstown Police Department.

The Town Board has installed the application requirements in order to protect our residents. Please display your badge and identify yourself as a licensee. I would also encourage you to respect private property and heed any and all “No Solicitors” or “No Trespassing” signs. Please be aware the Town of Clarkstown has a “No Knock Registry” . You are required to be in possession of an up to date list and not visit these residences.

Enclosed you will find the following:
1.) A Checklist to guide you through the process
2.) An Application Form
3.) Procedures to obtain background check. You must take background check application to Clarkstown Police Department, 20 Maple Avenue, New City, NY prior to turning in application.
4.) A complete copy of the text of Chapter 208

Incomplete applications will be returned. Please review, sign and date the checklist and fulfill all the requirements prior to submitting your application. This will expedite the issuance of your license.

To download the application click here.