Town of Clarkstown

Do Not Knock Registry

Clarkstown No Knock Registry

By filling out the form I understand that my address shall be placed upon a list to be kept by the Town Attorney. The address will remain on the registry until notification to the Town Attorney that the Owner/Occupant wishes to be removed. This list will be provided to any peddler/solicitor who is issued a license to conduct door-to-door sales pursuant to Chapter 208 of the Code of the Town of Clarkstown.

Please be advised that registration upon the “Do Not Knock” Registry shall in no way prohibit door-to-door solicitation or distribution of leaflets, pamphlets or other literature, such as commercial, political or religious material, distributed in a lawful manner, nor shall it limit the activities of entities with whom the Town of Clarkstown presently has a franchise agreement for the current duration of said franchise agreement.

Please fill in the form below to sign up for Clarkstown’s No Knock Registry.