Town of Clarkstown

File of Life

File of Life

Program For Seniors and Residents with Health Issues

In August 2010, Supervisor George Hoehmann, and the Town Board launched a new program designed to provide first responders critical medical information about residents during emergency calls.

The program called the ‘File of Life’ is a card developed by the not for profit group File of Life Foundation. It contains vital personal medical information and is kept on the outside of the resident’s refrigerator in a bright red magnetic pocket, readily accessible to emergency service personnel when they arrive on an emergency call. The medical card lists the resident’s emergency medical contacts, health conditions, medications taken, allergies, recent surgeries and more. A decal is placed on the outside door of the home to notify arriving emergency services to look for the medical card inside.

The Town has distributed the File of Life cards at all 12 senior clubs. Other residents interested in picking up cards may do so at the Town Council Chambers or Supervisor’s Office on the third floor of Town Hall, located at 10 Maple Avenue, New City. For more information please call 845-639-2050.

“The Town Board and I are committed to promoting programs to our residents that save lives,” said Supervisor George Hoehmann. “It is important for emergency service volunteers to have quick access to a resident’s health problems, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. This simple tool provides for that security for our residents.”

Residents are responsible for keeping the medical information on the card up to date and clearly visible on their refrigerator.