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Town of Clarkstown

2021 Comprehensive Plan & FGEIS


The Town’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2021, and is an update of the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2009. The update was conducted to reflect the changes in land use goals and priorities that have arisen over the past 10 years as the Town and region continue to change. As was done for the 2009 Plan, this updated Plan was structured as a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) under the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review Act “SEQRA.” The Comprehensive Plan update revised the 2009 Comprehensive Plan document, and thus remain structured around the original topic chapters of Economic Development; Environmental Resources; Health, Safety & Welfare; Historic & Cultural Resources; Housing; Recreation, Parks & Open Space and Transportation; a new chapter, Sustainability & Resiliency was also added during the update. During the update, the goals and objectives of the previously adopted Plan were examined, as was the progress that had been made on each one so far. As the Town received input from the community throughout the public participation period, some goals and objectives were revised and/or expanded upon, new goals were added, and some were removed. Since the updated plan was also structured as a GEIS, the plan also studied the impacts associated with these new goals and objectives, and provides suggested mitigation for any adverse impacts foreseen.

Frequently Asked Questions

According the NYS Town Law § 272-a, it consists of materials, written or graphic, including maps, charts, studies, resolutions, reports, etc. It identifies goals objectives, principles, guidelines, policies, standards, devices and instruments. It provides for the immediate and long range protection, enhancement, growth and development of the town.

• Location & intensity of land uses
• Historic, natural & cultural resources
• Socio-economics
• Transportation
• Housing
• Recreation and parkland
• Commercial & industrial uses
• Public & private infrastructure
• Health & emergency service facilities

All Town land use regulations must be in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan, once it is adopted. Land use regulations include zoning, subdivision, special use permit or site plan regulations that prescribe scale, location and intensity of development.

• Where we’ve been
• Where we are
• Where we want to go
• How to get there

The first Town of Clarkstown Development Plan was created in 1966. In 1999 the Clarkstown Comprehensive Plan was updated. In 2006 the Clarkstown Town Board established a “Special Board,” composed of members of various town boards and professional staff, to prepare the next Town Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2009. The Special Board continues to meet to manage the implementation of this current update of the Comprehensive Plan.

Like the 2009 Comprehensive Plan, the update was be modeled after an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), so when it comes to studying and establishing goals for land use development, it’s the most Comprehensive Comprehensive Plan there is.

• Economic Development
• Environmental Resources
• Health, Safety & Welfare
• Historic & Cultural Resources
• Housing
• Recreation, Parks & Open Space
• Transportation
• Sustainability & Resiliency

Planning Research:
Geographic Information
Spatial Analysis
Future Scenarios
Public Participation:

Step 1: You provided us with your ideas for the Town Vision
Step 2: The Town collected & analyzed your ideas
Step 3: The Town conducted research & technical studies
Step 4: The Special Board established planning objectives defining Town Vision
Step 5: The Special Board developed implementation strategies for the Town Vision