Town of Clarkstown

Reduce Underage Drinking

Rockland Task Force to Reduce Underage Drinking Speaker Program

You may have Judge Howard Gerber together with a Police Officer from the Clarkstown Police Department Community Policing Unit speak to your group, association or school concerning underage drinking, and the civil and criminal consequences. The program covers the civil liability of parents, allowing their children to operate their motor vehicle or by providing alcohol to them for house parties. The program also deals with civil liabilities and the criminal consequences of using false and altered identification, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or impaired, zero tolerance, the legal consequences of allowing a party where alcoholic beverages are served to take place on your premises, alcohol poisoning, binge drinking and other aspects of consumption of alcohol by minors.

A Clarkstown Police Officer will speak on the zero tolerance policy aimed at stopping persons under the age of 21 years from possessing or using alcohol, and curtailing parties at which alcohol is served to minors. You may contact either the Court or Community Policing Unit (845) 639-5800.