Town of Clarkstown


As a potential supplier to the Town, it is suggested that you first contact the Authorized Purchasing Agent to discuss your offerings. If, after the discussion, it is determined that what you are offering has applicability to the Town’s needs, you will be asked to supply the Purchasing Department with certain routine information to establish a vendor record in our computer system.

The Town also publishes all Notices of Bidders in the Rockland Journal News – legal advertisement section. Of course, you can call our office during normal business hours (9 – 5 Monday through Friday) and inquire.

Yes, anyone can witness the opening of competitive bids. The results become public at the time of opening and being read. 

Absolutely YES. We do want to know if you are not submitting a proposal, and some brief reason. If we do not receive a response from prospective bidding companies, we may remove you from our contact (bidder’s) list.