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Turf Fields Coming to Clarkstown

Clarkstown is witnessing an exciting development that promises to redefine local sports
and create opportunities for our residents. After much anticipation, I and the Town
Board approved the construction of turf fields throughout Clarkstown. These
groundbreaking projects come as a result of collective efforts and vision between the
Town and its various sports leagues, showcasing our commitment to promoting an
active and healthy lifestyle while fostering a strong sense of community.


We are excited about these new projects. Up till this time, Clarkstown was the only town
in Rockland County that didn’t have turf fields. While we had a wonderful grass soccer
field at Zukor, when it rained it would take longer to drain and wasn’t able to be played
on. Clarkstown needed to step up and I am delighted we were able to do this.


The turf fields will guarantee consistent and optimal surface conditions. Athletes can
now enjoy practicing and competing in various sports throughout the year without the
fear of cancellations or postponements due to inclement weather.


The first field located at Zukor Park in New City is under construction and will be
completed by Labor Day. This field is commonly used by the Clarkstown Soccer Club,
which has over 2,000 children in its programs. The entire facility will be getting
upgrades as well. The parking lot will be repaved and we will install new LED energy
efficient lighting on the fields and in the parking lot.


The second project will start this fall at Germonds Park in West Nyack. The project
consists of a multi-purpose turf field that can host a wide array of sports, ranging from
soccer, lacrosse, football, and softball. The multifunctional nature of the facility is
expected to open doors to various sporting clubs and leagues, catering to athletes of all
ages and skill levels. In addition, we will be installing a turf field infield on the West
Nyack Little League Medler Field.


The introduction of turf fields marks a significant milestone in the development of the
Town's sporting community. By providing top-notch facilities, we aim to encourage
greater participation in sports and physical activities among residents. With more
opportunities for regular training and matches, aspiring athletes will have the chance to
hone their skills and reach their full potential.


The new fields will also be beneficial for the Town’s economy. As teams from
neighboring towns and cities come to compete, our local businesses should see an
increase in tourism and foot traffic.


The construction of the new turf field also aligns with the Town's commitment to
environmental sustainability. Unlike natural grass fields, artificial turf requires minimal
water consumption and reduces the need for pesticides and fertilizers. By opting for
synthetic turf, Clarkstown demonstrates its dedication to responsible resource


The unveiling of the new turf field in Clarkstown marks a momentous occasion that will
undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our community. These state-of-the-art fields, offer
enhanced playability, versatility, and sustainability, embodies the Town's dedication to
fostering an active and thriving sporting environment. As the town takes pride in its new
fields, residents can look forward to a healthier lifestyle, strengthened community
bonds, and a brighter future for sports in our beloved town. With this investment,
Clarkstown can be a place where athletes shine.


We are excited about the first turf field opening on Labor Day. We hope you enjoy it and
it will be a great place for our kids to play for generations to come.