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Town Provides Volunteer Ambulance Corps Funding through ARPA and Promotes the Need for Volunteers

In most medical emergencies, the first critical step is receiving immediate basic aid and transport to the hospital. As you are likely aware, our local ambulance and paramedic services in Rockland County are provided by volunteers. These vital services are provided to the Town of Clarkstown by five volunteer
ambulance corps, in addition to the Rockland Paramedics organization.


Even prior to COVID, these organizations were challenged with financial stresses and a need for additional volunteers. The pandemic made this situation far worse and made us recognize the value of our ambulance corps volunteers even more. Each organization faced their own unique challenges in meeting the demands placed on them to deliver vital services during the pandemic. Through it all, our
small number of ambulance corps volunteers continue to go above and beyond to provide help to our residents in need. In turn, these volunteers deserve our gratitude and help.


I’m extremely proud to announce that the Town of Clarkstown will once again use significant funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to assist our volunteer ambulance and paramedic service providers. On August 22, 2023, the Town Board unanimously voted and approved a combined $286,500 in financial assistance to the organizations listed below. These grants will help defray costs
for critical capital expenses such as gear, equipment, and emergency vehicles.


Congers- Valley Cottage Volunteer Ambulance Corps. $41,000
Nanuet Community Ambulance Corps. $70,000
New City Volunteer Ambulance Corps. $72,000
Nyack Community Ambulance Corps. $25,000
Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps. $16, 500
Rockland Paramedics $61,000


In addition to these grants, Clarkstown was also the first town to pass a resolution last year offering a tax break to volunteer fire and EMS first responders. In 2022, New York State passed legislation that allowed towns the discretion to reduce the assessed value of the primary residence of a qualifying
volunteer first responder by a maximum of 10%. The Town Board quickly and unanimously voted to provide the maximum relief to our volunteers.


Not only do these organizations work to save lives, their service provides savings to our taxpayers. For both these reasons, it is incredibly important for these  organizations to remain operational. That means they need our support both financially and through volunteerism. Each of the above organizations has a web page where you can donate or sign up to volunteer. Please consider giving in
any way you can.


There is currently a nationwide shortage of EMTs and Ambulance volunteers. Within Clarkstown, there are 5 amazing ambulance corps serving our community that are in dire need of volunteers. If you are interested, or know someone who may be, please consider volunteering with one of these great organizations. Thank you to all those who continue to keep our community safe!