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Clarkstown Announces Food Scrap Composting Program

I am delighted to announce that this week, the Town is launching the Clarkstown Food Scrap
Composting Program. The Town is partnering with Rockland Green to compost Clarkstown
residents' food scraps. These food scraps are valuable materials that if properly collected and
composted can help reduce pollution and improve our overall quality of life.


Food scraps are the single largest component in the Municipal Solid Waste stream (MSW).
Decomposition of food scraps in a landfill produce methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more
damaging than CO2. Food scraps are valuable materials that if properly collected and
composted can help reduce pollution and improve overall quality of life. Your food scraps will
be processed into a beautiful nutrient-rich soil amendment instead of heading to a landfill that is
over 300 miles away from Rockland County.


If you want to get started on your food scrap recycling, Clarkstown residents can pick up the
free food scrap bin kits at Clarkstown Town Hall or the Clarkstown Highway Department.
Collect your food scraps in a small bin stored on the counter top or under your sink. Transfer
the bagged food scraps into the larger bin. It is recommended that the larger bin is stored in
your garage or outside. Once the larger bin is full, please bring it to the Clarkstown food scrap
drop off site located at the Clarkstown Highway Department, 12 Seeger Drive, Nanuet.
Residents can drop off 7 days a week, from 7am-8pm.


You may be wondering what can be placed into the compostable brown bags? First, you must
use the approved Rockland Green compostable brown bags that are provided free of charge.
No loose food scraps can be put into the bins.


Acceptable items
● Fruits and vegetables (remove stickers, bands, and ties)
● Meat and poultry (bones ok)
● Fish and Shellfish (shells ok)
● Dairy products
● Bread and pasta
● Rice and grains
● Eggshells
● Chips and snacks
● Beans, nuts, and seeds
● Leftover and spoiled food
● Coffee grounds
● Tea bags
● Cut flowers


Unacceptable items
● No plastic bags, compostable/biodegradable bags, packaging, stickers, rubber bands or
twist ties.
● No pet waste, baby wipes, foil, paper plates, or paper towels.
● No plastic, glass, metal or kitchenware.


This program is the first in Clarkstown’s history, and just a part of the many green initiatives we
have taken under my administration. From the solar fields on the town’s capped landfill to LED
lighting conversion on our streetlights, Clarkstown has been, and will continue to be, a model for
municipalities looking to be environmentally conscientious. Our latest budget delivering a 0% tax
increase includes savings coming from the elimination of approximately 1 million pages of
printed material. The town is currently pursuing the installation of solar panels on the roof at
Town Hall, and plans on doing so at the Highway Department in the future. And now, we have
this latest opportunity for residents to directly contribute to our green efforts by participating in
this composting program. I hope you will give it a try!