Statement on anti-Semitic video shown at Clarkstown High School South

February 4, 2016

In response to the ant-Semitic video shown at Clarkstown High School South, Supervisor George Hoehmann released the following statement:

“Hate and intolerance toward any group of people is wrong no matter the format in which it is conveyed. And the only way to end hate and intolerance is to break that cycle. It is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that our children are educated in a manner that prevents the cycle of hate and intolerance to continue.

“I commend Dr. Morton and his staff for their quick reaction to this anti-Semitic video; and the steps they have taken to remedy this situation and prevent it from happening in the future. The efforts of the Jewish Federation along with the District are a welcome development that will assist greatly going forward.”

Town Councilman Frank Borelli added:

“This kind of prejudice and insincerity has no place in Clarkstown. I am happy it has been dealt with in a positive fashion going forward.”