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New City – Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann today issued a town wide emergency executive order in response to the Mayor of New York City’s executive order rerouting migrant buses.


Mayor Eric Adams has announced a new city emergency order, modeled after one used in Chicago, that intends to reroute buses carrying migrants who entered the country illegally away from New York City. Since this policy was enacted in Chicago earlier this month, Chicago’s suburbs have been overwhelmed with unannounced bus loads of migrants being dropped off. Creating safety and security hazards for impacted communities, who were unprepared and ill-equipped to handle these migrant bus arrivals.


In order to prevent Mayor Adam’s bus rerouting from overwhelming Clarkstown Supervisor Hoehmann’s emergency executive order will prevent charter bus companies and any chartered vehicle from making unannounced migrant drop offs at any location within the Town of Clarkstown or face penalties of $750 per person illegally dropped off plus impoundment of vehicle with related costs and fines.


The timing of Mayor Adam’s order could not have been worse for NYC suburbs. A historic sized migrant caravan is expected to cross the US/Mexican border this holiday weekend, with the potential to multiply the amount of migrants being bused to New York. Local governments and first responders have not been given time to prepare nor have the resources to respond to the overwhelming needs of hundreds or thousands of unannounced migrants.


This emergency order will be effective initially for 30 days with the plan for formal town board legislative action to make the order permanent in the New Year.


This action follows Supervisor Hoehmann’s unprecedented code enforcement actions to prevent illegal housing conversions and rentals to migrants as well as preventing NYC from housing migrants in Clarkstown hotels.


Supervisor George Hoehmann stated, “Clarkstown will not allow Mayor Eric Adams to potentially reroute countless numbers of migrant buses to our communities. We do not have the resources nor the ability to process even a single busload of unannounced migrants. My emergency executive order takes effect immediately. The town will vigorously enforce this order. All charter bus companies are on notice you cannot reroute unannounced migrant buses within Clarkstown’s borders. I will continue to ensure a whole-of-government approach to protect our communities in Clarktown. I urge all residents, if you see something, say something. You are our eyes and ears on the ground. If you see suspicious buses or vehicles, call the town immediately.”


Town Attorney Kevin Conway stated, “Supervisor Hoehmann using his emergency executive authority has issued this order for the safety and welfare of all residents of Clarkstown. Charter bus companies or any entity found violating this order will be subject to immediate penalties and enforcement. The town of Clarkstown is unable to safely handle and manage any rerouted migrant buses.”


If you see something, say something. In emergency situations call 9-1-1. Non-emergency calls can be placed to the general dispatch number for the CPD at 845-639-5800.