Press Release: Supervisor Hoehmann to Host Next Tele-Town Hall Forum on May 9th

For Immediate Release
May 3, 2016

Supervisor Hoehmann to Host Next Tele-Town Hall Forum on May 9th
Improving Communication between the Town and its Residents is Imperative

(New City) – Supervisor George Hoehmann announced today the next in a series of Tele-Town Hall forums, to be held on Monday, May 9th at 6PM. These forums will be conducted over the phone, allowing the residents of Clarkstown to have direct access to their Supervisor and Town Government right from their homes. Residents will be called shortly before the Tele-Town Hall forum begins and invited to participate. Residents can also register on the town website under the Supervisor’s page or by calling 917-522-0641 at 6:00 pm to be connected to the call.

“Communication continues to be the cornerstone of having a transparent and accessible government,” said Supervisor Hoehmann. “These Tele-Town Hall forums are a great tool that we will continue to use in our efforts to make Clarkstown more accountable to the people. Opening the lines of communication with our residents is the key to ensuring that we are doing their will.” 

The Supervisor also announced the following dates for future Tele-Town Hall meetings:
June 6th, July 18th, September 13th, October 19th and November 21st.