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New City – Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann and the Town Board, along with Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, Senator Bill Weber, Congressman Mike Lawler’s office and Highway Superintendent Bob Milone held a press conference today at the site of the recurring State Route 59 flooding and road closures.


In the last year, State Route 59 in West Nyack has been closed 8 times due to rain events, with the 9th time expected this upcoming weekend due to forecasted weather conditions. Town, State and Federal officials joined together calling for the State to take action, since State Route 59 is a state road, with a taskforce of agencies needed to solve this problem.


State Route 59 is used by over 45,000 cars a day. It is a main artery for commercial business in the town and region, and for police, fire and EMS. Every day that the road is closed has catastrophic safety and economic impacts.


Requested actions called for:


  • State to take the lead in a multi-agency task force approach to solve this problem. Only the state can take this action since it is a state road.

  • Army Corp. of Engineers to dredge the Hackensack River.

  • State to add drainage basin capacity in areas impacted by the flooding.

  • State to increase culvert capacity on Route 303 that is causing the issues on Rt. 59.

  • Replacing/Repairing CSX bridge that serves as a choke point for water causing more flooding.


Since this is a State Route, the Town of Clarkstown cannot take independent action. Only the state is authorized to do the work necessary to fix this recurring problem.


Supervisor George Hoehmann stated, “We are calling for action and a comprehensive approach to correct the flooding on Rt. 59 in West Nyack. This will require all levels of government to work together, but the state must take the lead and develop a plan. This will also require the federal government to address the Hackensack River, likely allowing dredging and other solutions.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in government to fix this problem.”


Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski stated, “Flooding on Route 59 routinely causes traffic issues for drivers across Rockland County. The rise in severe rain storms has only made the problem worse. It is time for the state DOT to take action on this roadway and remedy the cause of this flooding. While the causes are broad and varied, the DOT must serve as the lead agency, developing the engineering remedies so that we can secure the funding and support necessary to fix this roadway. I will continue to work with my colleagues at all levels of government to ensure that they do so.”


Senator Bill Weber stated, “My colleagues and I gathered to address persistent flooding on route 59 near the Palisades Mall as a result of the Hackensack River overflowing each time there is a rainstorm. Together with Supervisor George Hoehmann, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, and Congressman Mike Lawler, I am committed to effectively resolving this issue, ensuring the safety of our residents and their ability to pass through Rt. 59 even during a storm. The four of us are collaborating with multiple agencies to finally fix this problem which has occurred eight times last year alone.”


Congressman Mike Lawler stated, “The habitual flooding on Route 59 is a major concern that requires immediate attention. Throughout the appropriations process, I’ve made it a top priority to secure funding for important Hudson Valley priorities, including critical flood prevention projects and infrastructure. In the House-passed appropriations bill for Homeland Security, we secured millions for a project on Jeffrey Court. New York sends far more of our tax dollars to Washington than we receive back. I will never stop fighting for the funding our community needs and look forward to seeing the fruition of this important project.”